Russ Nagel

Nov. 01 - 8:00 | Nov. 02 - 8:00

Downtown Ogden ➨ Get Directions


Russ has become recognized in the entertainment industry for achieving more laughs per minute than any comedian working the circuit today and has been seen on The Nashville Network, A&E's Comedy on the Road, Showtime's Comedy Club Network, the WB, Spike TV, Comedy Central and the list goes on and on. Being an 18-year veteran of the comedy stage, Russ keeps the laughs coming fast and furious with an array of topics ranging from family and marriage, to travel and current events, and yes he throws in some biker stuff too. So ride on over to the comedy club near you and check out Russ Nagel, America's Funniest Biker, performing his high-energy and extremely funny show!

PG-18 Rating •